Christmas Closing Dates

HPP Group would like to thank you for another great year …… And wish you a safe and happy festive season.

Cut-off dates for ALL 2017 orders are:

  • Standard CTS – Wednesday December 13
  • Assembly Job – Friday December 8
  • Routed – Friday December 8
  • Benchtops – Friday December 8

We will TRY to complete any jobs received after the cut-off dates before the end of the year …… But please call the office to coordinate your orders.

HPP Group will CLOSE from 12 noon on December 22, 2017 and REOPEN on January 8, 2018.


Benchtop Deal Continues!

We’ve extended our 15% DISCOUNT offer on ALL Formica Benchtops until the END of FEBRUARY 2018.


We now have a drawer above door cabinets, left and right-hand single doors and double-door cabinets in the Base Cabinet Library.

We’ve also made changes to the drawer cabinets. Select a vertical 42 x 19mm vinyl rail …… great for hot plate drawers.

Be sure to double-check the selected top drawer will fit into the required opening. Cabinetpro does NOT calculate for the extra 25mm height of the vinyl rail.


Need a void at the back of a corner cabinet?

Reduce the size of the corner cabinet in length and depth by the required void size. E.G. – 20mm void / 900 x 900 x 560 x 560mm corner cabinet – becomes an 880 x 880 x 540 x 540mm corner cabinet.

This applies for all corner cabinets …… including pantries.